Brother I`m coming home!


I close my eyes,

thinking the times we had!

When we were hunting our dreams,

till this world broke down suddenly!


But now you are here,

I feel you so near!

In my head all goes round,

hear your voice like magic sound!


Everything is breaking down,

this world`s blurring more and more!

Crazy thoughts let me tumble,

the pressure in my brain`s growing up!


But now you are here,

I can hear you so near!

Voices in my head getting more and more,

soon I can see you forever again!


Nothing`s still necessary,

my mind`s falling into deepest abyss!

Synapses failing and muscles dying,

everything is blown away!


But now you are here,

and all is so clear!

We`re running hand in hand again,

together in our everlasting wonderland!


Never more frighthing and paining,

all`s getting now dark and still!

I may follow you now,

show me the way into paradise!

© Steve Airstone

getextet für die fantastischen "CRAZY CHAINS"