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Steve Airstone




Let me touch you!

You're always there for me.
When ever I need you.
We have spent many of my best moments.
Nights on the beach still unthinkable without you.

You've always comforted me.

Never let me down.

And lots of my tears caught.
Now, you're again very close.

So let me touch you again!
Feel my fingers, my sweet love!
Just let me touch you!

You're still as well-formed as before.
Your body inspires me throughout of my life.
Of course sometimes even slightly out of tune.

But then quickly again with me an opinion.

I want wait any longer now.
It does not matter if they see us all now.
And they all silence out of curiosity.
Their rigid really doesn`t bother me.

So let me touch you again immediately!
Feel my fingers, my sweet love!
Just let me touch you!

You're more exciting than ever before.
Bring my voice to sing.
Makes me forget all troubles.
And storing these special moments forever.

All swinging now with my guitar.
No one is still sitting.
Show us what you can.
Just make us happy for a few minutes.

Feel my fingers, my sweet guitar!
Let me touch you!
Let me touch you...

Steve Airstone 2012, exclusiv written for “

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